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Animation Tutorial
Create text animations.
  ActionScript Tutorial
Put all papers into trash. Demonstrated startDrag and stopDrag functions.


Quick Start Tutorial
If you are new to Flash complete this tutorial first.

Intro & Outro Animation

T1007 Animating Items
T1006 Text Animation
T1067 Path Animation
T1066 Exploding Squares
T1005 Tweening
T1014 Animated Backgrounds
T1077 Animated Buttons
T1019 Animation Intervals

Working with Frames

T1017 Frame Flow and Jump Basics
T1009 Mouse Over Effect
T1018 Mouse Over Effect 2
T1008 Creating a link with getURL
T1004 Creating a Flash Preloader
T1058 Repeat items on different frames
T1047 Popup a PDF file

Getting started with ActionScript

T1000 "Hello World!" the simplest ActionScript.
T1046 Digital clock.
T1043 Forms: Create, validate and send by email.
T1001 Creating scroll text
T1095 ClickTag in Flash banner


T1074 Illuminated buttons.
T1032 Create glass-like button.
T1027 Create "skip intro" button.
T1094 Google maps in Flash
T1024 Use poly-line tool to create hatching egg.
T1020 Change Flash movie size on mouse over.
T1038 Show different content on click


T1016 Popup a Window from Flash
T1022 Close Browser Window from Flash
T1041 Use FSCommand to quit the browser
T1015 Call JavaScript function from Flash


T1068 Move on Path
T1063 Machine Gears
T1061 MP3 Player
T1089 Spanning Flash movie to the browser window
T1091 Flash ad over the content
T1092 Flash jewelry viewer


T1059 Hearts
T1053 Cool Snowflakes!
T1057 Send a form from Flash.
T1056 Insert external Video or Flash movie
T1065 Add Play, Stop, Fast Forward and Rewind buttons to external video
T1045 Call frames in an external Flash movie
T1037 Create scroll buttons: automatic scroller
T1039 Pass arguments to Flash movie from ASP or PHP.
T1036 Change shape color with a button.
T1028 Handle mouse events.
T1029 Drag an object.
T1048 Read _droptarget property.
T1099 Use checkbox and radio buttons.
T1025 Create an object that appears when the user moves mouse cursor over some area.
T1031 Create 3D motion.
T1033 Do-it-yourself scrollbar.
T1035 Do-it-yourself slider.
T1023 Load JPEG with loadMovie()
T1021 Create password field
T1011 Mailto: Launch email from Flash animation
T1012 Load variables from a text file
T1096 Load HTML from a text file
T1003 Creating and sending INPUT fields
T1051 Create a timer with setInterval
T1072 Display frames in random order
T1075 Keyboard events
T1076 Context Menus in Flash
T1097 Page counter in Flash

Video and Sound

T1052 Control Sound Volume
T1002 Importing MP3 sound


T1026 Use z-index to control stacking order


T1049 Virtual Trash
T1034 Self-Animating Objects and Bezier Curves
T1078 Earth Day
T1042 Draw in a Flash movie

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