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"Hello World!" ActionScript.

You need Flash Designer installed. Download free trial.

The following tutorial illustrates the simplest ActionScript code.

  1. Launch Flash Designer and choose "Blank document".
  2. Choose "Edit Field" tool and draw a rectangle to create a new edit text object. The Edit field should appear as "Edit1".

  3. Choose "Frame" > "Frame Delay", check "Stop" and click OK.
  4. Choose "Frame" > "ActionScript", type the following code and click OK:

    Edit1 = "Hello World!";

Press F9 to preview in Flash player.

The ActionScript code is executed before the frame is displayed.

Hit "Alt+F4" to close preview.

To export Flash file choose "File" > "Export Flash SWF File". Type the file name and click OK. To insert Flash in your web page choose "File" > "View HTML Code". Select entire HTML code, right click mouse button and choose "Copy" from the popup menu. Click Close. Paste the code to your HTML page.

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