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Popup a PDF file from Flash

Display Adobe PDF file in a new window by clicking a link in a Flash movie.

  1. Launch Flash Designer and choose "Blank".
  2. Copy and paste this icon into Flash Designer document. (Right click on the image and choose "Copy", in Flash Designer choose "Edit" > "Paste")

  3. Choose "Action" > ""OnClick", check "Get URL" and type the link to your PDF file. The link must be absolute (begin with http://) The PDF file must be available online. Select "_blank" as the target.

  4. Click OK and hit F9 to test the movie. Click the link to open the PDF in a new window. Hit "Alt+F4" to close preview.

Download source projects (2 kb)

Version with a sprite

Play a sprite when the user moves the mouse over the icon.

  1. Choose "Rectangle" tool and draw a small rectangle over the icon (the rectangle should be smaller than the icon so we can hide it beneath)
  2. Choose "Item" > "Sprite Animation" to create a loop
  3. Select "Zoom Out & Fade" and speed medium.

  4. Choose "Item" > "Placement Properties", rename the item to "Rectangle3" and check "ActionScript Target".

  5. Put the rectangle behind with "Edit" > "Send to Back" command.
  6. Hit F9 to test the movie.

Now it's time to add some scripts

  1. Choose "Frame" > "ActionScript" and type:


    it will make the sprite not playing initially

  2. Select the icon image (PDF icon) and choose "Action" > "On Over". Select "ActionScript" and type:;

    it will start the sprite after the mouse enters the icon

  3. Select the icon image (PDF icon) and choose "Action" > "On Out". Select "ActionScript" and type:


    it will rewind the sprite after the mouse is out of the icon

  4. Hit F9 to test the movie.

Download source project (5 kb)

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